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i Joan,
Finally getting back in touch . I have been enjoying the photos you sent
especially of 'Joans Choice" (Is this your handiwork?) and Melinda. It
would be real nice to have some of those available to us here in the
States.  (*BTW... anyone interested in getting a copy of any photos that
Joan sends to me, Just ask and I will Email them to you*) Oh, and the
color in the ones I have seen so far has been very well defined but as
you say, If I don't know what the plants look like otherwise, It might
be hard for me to say <G>.  I don't have any photos of my own right now.
I have to dust off my ole 35 MM camera sometime. I've been threatening
to do that lately but just haven't really found the time.

The carpenter ants I mentioned are not termites but ants that do digest
and nest in wood. If they get into a tree or in the foundation of a
house, they can cause some major damage over time. Sometimes one doesn't
even know they have been working on a try until it is blown over and
shows that it is hollowed out a bit by the workings of these ants.

Thanks for the picture of Peter in the Gyro. I think I must have this
wrong as I thought that that type of aircraft was a type of ultralight.
My youngest daughter tells me that  she thinks ultralight do more
gliding then actual self propelled flying but it seems that I remember
seeing some that have a propeller on the back and look like they should
be flying backwards rather than the way they do go. Looks like Peter is
really a big fan of these things.  Good thing he mended after that one
crash. Recently, in my city, there was a prominent business man that
crashed his ultralight and didn't live through it. That was sad.

>   Back to the geranium subject . Do people ever send through IGSROBIN
> copies of lists or catalogues.  I have  some Australian ones that may
be >of interest and would like to see some of yours.
I have a list of my scenteds made up (hmmm... I think I may have to
update that one. ) I haven't been in the grow anywhere near as long as
some of the others here so my list won't be very impressive I believe. I
do know others have some listings of what they have and maybe they will
share the list with you. I have even seen some web pages with geraniums
lists on them. I hope to have a list of Websites compiled soon that
would be of interest to geranium enthusiast but it's still in the making
. I will see if I can send my scented list to you by Email next week
I am trying to negotiate with a Sunset Magazine worker to send me a # of
reprints of the article of about Robin Parer and will let you know if I
get some extras. She said she would send me one for free but then I
asked her if she could provide for others on this newsgroup but haven't
heard back yet.

Well I better get this in. Hope all is well on your side of the Pacific.

PS I accidentally sent this privately so I am posting it on the Robin
because of the open message about the photos being available and to just
keep others informed as to a conversation thread <G>.

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