Re: [IGS] Fuzzy Scented and CVS-listing

Hi from a new list member from Holland!

Hope some of you having scented Pelargoniums can help me with this:
Years ago I purchased a scented at a nursery. It was labelled as P.
White Graveolens. Having also the real p. graveolens, the cv
P.Graveolens and P.Lady Plymouth, all nieces/nephews, this plant puzzled
me. The main reason is that allthough the form of the leaves is like
P.Graveolens, the leafs are "hairy" like the leaves on P.tomentosum I
also have. I have seen several cvs from the graveolens/radens groop, but
till date never met a "hairy" one. Does some one know what it's origins
are (is there P.tomentosum in its back ground for example) and if the
name is correct and who developed it?
I know in the UK and in Holland where I live several nurseries call one
of the forms P. White [Flowered] Graveolens, but these I saw were not
having the hairy leaves.
By the way - the flowers of my plant are also white

Another question:
The Dutch Geranium & Pelargonium Society to whom I belong has a very
outdated list of species and cultivars. Upon my enquiry I was told that
contrary to the Fuchsia's where the world wide registry of cvs was dealt
with beautifully by the USA folks, our Pellies lacked this. Upon further
info I found out that for the Pelargoniums there must be kept a list by
the Australian gouverning society. I tried hard to come by this list but
to date never found it, nor got any reply on my letter / e-mails. Is it
available / down loadable via internet somewhere and who keeps and
updates it?
I would be very interested to know how to come by one.

Mimy Sluiter
Torenlaan 20
NL-1402 AV Bussum
The Netherlands
ph/fax: +31-35-6920501

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