[IGS] "geraniums" etc

Dear Dale ,
 Glad you liked the photos.  No I had nothing to do with Joans Choice.  I
think it was named after Joan Morf, herself a hybridiser.    I had tried a
bit of cross pollinating and usually have 30 or seedlings on the go.
Nothing spectacular yet.   These days it has to be a really special flower
and plant to compete with whatís being released.     I think our Marjorie
Edwards in Bendigo Victoria is as good as anyone in the world.

Yes would like to see your scenteds list.   I could send mine as well, one
of these days.  I am interested in the web pages you mentioned,  I wonder
if any of them have catalogues.    Tried to get on to Robin Parers web site
 (freeyellow etc)  but couldnít get through.  Also tried to send photos to
Diana Pederson  and they didnít get through .
Donít worry about the Sunset Mag.   Diane  (Oregon)  Is sending me a copy ,
snail mail.

I will be getting on the net at home next week and so will have to change
my address.
Very busy right now,

   Joan Steele in
       West Aust

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