Re: [IGS] Fuzzy Scented and CVS-listing

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Thank you for submitting your questions to the Robin and Welcome to the
group of keyboard thumping geranium enthusiasts :-) .
I find your questions very intriguing  and even though I can't help, I
think that we have a number of people here that might beable to help you
. I will be interested in the answers myself.
Robin Parer from California is an official registry for hardy Geraniums
as well as Erodiums. Even though that doesn't include the Pelagoniums,
she might have some insight into your situation. Joan Steel is an active
Australian grower also and might have a list of Australian plants. I
didn't realize that the Australians controlled the Pelagonium registry.
I am amazed at just how many different cultivars are in different
regions. Australia in particular seems to have done quite a bit of work
Well enough from me for now. Let's see what anyone else has to say.

Dale Neil
Zone 5
Rock Island, Illinois

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