Re: [IGS] Internet Message

DALE NEIL wrote:
> Hi again Mimy,
> After I sent that last message in, I noticed a web address in the
> header of your message. Wow........ you must like those kitties over
> there don't  you? How do all of them get along with your Pelargoniums?
>  Do they particularly like the scenteds ?

Well, in fact they DON'T and that's the great part about combining cats
and plants. My seven Manx are avid plant molestors when given the chance
but usually do not fancy the Pellies much simply because their wonderful
natural defense system in producing citron kind of oils to deter grazing
in thair natural habitat (SA and AUS). So in summer I put large plants
safily in the out door pens of the cats (they can go in and out freely
so enjoy that much) without being afraid they will be demolished. They
did however demolish a small grape vine I intended to grow from the
inside of the pen very nicely (ahem).
Wrote a nice article about it in the cat magazine I am editor of.
And of course I have the wonderful old cultivar, the Angel called Manx
Maid amongst my collection you can understand. People who have kittens I
bred and also fancy plants can get a rooted cutting if they like!

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