Re: [IGS] Internet Message

Hi everyone!
I truly enjoy being a part of IGSROBIN.
I thought I would address everyone for the first time with two requests
if I may.
1. I have been reading your messages regarding a Sunset Magazine
article.  I would love to read it but do not know what issue you guys
are referring to. Please someone let me know. I lost a big chunk of my
new e-mail and probably missed it.

2.  I live in Pasadena California and wanted to know if anyone knows of
any good nurserys were I could find our hardy friends.

3.  I joined IGS on the first week of Feb. and have not heard anything
from them yet.  Do they usually function this slowly to process
membership? I'm just an impatiant enthusiast.

Anyone that can help please respond.
Alexander Pérez
Pager/Voicemail (626) 312-0034
Office (800) 268-3767 x-687

Adversities in life are like manure.
It may stink but it causes us to groW.

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