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-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Welcome to the IGSROBIN , Alexander. It's always nice to see someone new
that is interested in the Geranium Family.

I can address 2 of your 3 questions and maybe someone that lives out
your way can give you the answer to your nursery search. (There are a #
of  mail order nurseries that have hardies . Your quite away from Robin
Parer but maybe she or someone else knows of a local source.

As to the Sunset article. The issue is the March, 1998 issue and the
article is titled, "In Search of the True Geraniums". It should be the
one that is on the newsstand now though it might be that all are sold

RE: Your IGS membership. Hang in there :-) . I was wondering the same
thing when I first joined but then I received my a confirmation of my
membership with my first quarterly issue of Geraniums Around The World.
The Spring issue is due to be out sometime in the next 1 1/2 months I
think. So you will probably be enjoying the the journal and membership
soon. (That would be another source of true Geraniums also because the
seed bank had 5-6 species available at the last issue. They are 75 cents
a package with a small postage charge. .... very reasonable) .

Look forward to your comments in the future.


P.S. Your tagline puts forth an intriguing idea :-) .

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