[IGS] Pelargonium Register

Hi Mimy  and all,
I can’t be of any help with the White graveolens, but can give some advice
about the Pelargonium Checklist.
Yes,  Australia is the official registrar for Pellies,  However the list is
only done up to the letter F.   Two volumes have been published so far :-
‘The Checklist and Registrar Of Pelargonium Cultivar Names’  Part 1. A-B
and Part 2. C-F containing 100 and 189 pages respectively.  These books
were published in 1978 and so  anything introduced since then is not included.
Jean Llewellyn in New South Wales was the main person behind compiling the
lists.  Since she suffered a stroke in 1996 the work has come to a
standstill.  Prior to that we were expecting a further volume to be
launched at our conference in oct 1996.    As yet no-one has offered to
take on the job of finishing off the 3rd volume.

I have  both books and find  that I often refer to them.   They were
advertised in the Australian Geranium Society Journal October 1997 at the
cost of  A$7 for part one and A $20 for part two.  Postage in Australia is
A$3.  I believe that this is a big reduction on the original price.
The lady who deals with sales is:-
                                Anne Henderson
                        27 Chichester St
                        N.S.W.     2035
                        Australia               Phone 02 93492023
The list covers Zonals including dwarfs & miniatures and  regals.    I
could enquire about overseas postage if anyone is wants the checklists.
Hoping this may be of interest
    Joan  Steele    ....   with an E on the end thanks Dale!!  :-)
Western Australia

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