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Hi Joan,

>  Glad you liked the photos.
Do consider sending them to Diana P. to be posted on the IGS web site so
all visiting there will enjoy them also.

> No I had nothing to do with Joans Choice.  I think
> it was named after Joan Morf, herself a hybridiser.    I had tried a
bit of
> cross pollinating and usually have 30 or seedlings on the go. Nothing
> spectacular yet.   These days it has to be a really special flower and
>plant to compete with what's being released.     I think our Marjorie
>Edwards in Bendigo Victoria is as good as anyone in the world.

I can understand about having to come up with somethng spetacular. I
have just started crossing my scenteds with one goal being an "Orange
Spice " plant but I have only  one crossing of that goal to produce seed
so far . I will have to wait to see if that might have been an
accidental cross with another plant. I do have others in the making but
the same goes with scenteds in that there are so many cultivars nowdays
it's not real easy to get a completely different plant that is

> Yes would like to see your scenteds list.   I could send mine as well,
>one of these days.  I am interested in the web pages you mentioned,  I
>wonder if any of them have catalogues.

There are a few. Did you see that one Australian site I posted to Mimy
the other day? It was the site of a fellow named Alby. There is a list
of some scented that I ran accross. Rainforest Gardens has a nice list
of True Geraniums. I will paste a list of sites below.

>    Tried to get on to Robin Parers web site
>  (freeyellow etc)  but couldn't get through.  Also tried to send
photos to
> Diana Pederson  and they didn't get through .

Hmmm .... maybe it will help when you get set up at home. International
lines can be touchy sometimes. One place in Autralia I went to see was
not successful the first time I tried. Most of the time I try now it is
somewhat easier. With your home connection, you will beable to try at
different times of the day to find when is the best time to use the
international line from your region.

Thanks for posting the information about the Autralian registry. that
must be a mighty large project. Hopefully someone will beable to finish
it before it needs to be revised :-) .

All for now. Hope all is well.

.............................Geranium Web Sites.........................

Indoor Geraniums--Part I: The Pelargonium (article) http://www.suite101.
com/articles/article.cfm/1288 SGAP Internet Resources http://www.ozemail
 SCENTED GERANIUMS (Pelargonium species)
GERANIACEAE [ Erodium, Geranium, Monsonia, Pelargonium, Sarcocaulon,
Hypseocharis ] (Alba in Australia)
The British & European Geranium Society
World Wide Erodium
les Pelargonium botaniques
Geraniaceae Home Page
International Geranium Society
Geranium Family Links
HORT 400 -- Cutting Propagation
debut de la visite
The GardenWeb Forums
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Rainforest Gardens
The addictive geraniums
Weslyn Herb Farm
Mountain Valley Growers, Inc.
Rasland Farm
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, WWW server
DAVIDSON-WILSON Greenhouses, Inc.

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