Re: [IGS] Geranium Pictures

Hi Diana,
>Unless something has changed, the IGS would NOT allow any of their
>to be available on the website!  The board is very concerned about
>issues and taking away potential members by making it too readily
>on the internet.

I can understand that. The journal articles were only one kind of
writings I thought could be posted on an FTP site along with the
Another thought was articles or small informative writings that
members of the IGSRobin have written like your articles at your site.
Too, maybe archives of the discussions on the IGSROBIN could be made
available. There is alot of good information being shared here that
could be of benefit to someone that had not been active in a previous
discussion. I have most of the threads backed up if needed, and I
think there is a digest version available from the STJohns site ;
Maybe even and FAQ file of some sort.
Just doing some brainstorming here :-) .


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