Re: [IGS] Belated Welcome


I'm running behind on reading and answering my e-mail, so please allow me to
add my slightly tardy welcome to the Robin.  I'm from the San Diego area, so
the nurseries I go to are probably too far south for you to want to drive to.
However, the Orange County Geranium Society meets in Anaheim on the second
Saturday of each month from January through October at 10 a.m.  at the East
Anaheim Church, 2216 E. South Street, Anaheim, CA.  They're a wonderful group,
and you can become a member and receive their newsletter for only 50 cents a
year if you are an IGS member.  This month's speaker is Carol Roller, and on
April 11 Robin Parer will be speaking about the top 10 hardy geraniums for
leaves, flowers, rock gardens and containers, shade, ground covers and
perennial borders.  I'm not sure if she will have plants for sale, but the
program is sure to be wonderful.

If you do attend, it is well worth driving over to Westminster to visit Heards
Country Gardens, and the Vintage Rose, which are side by side.  Heards has a
lovely selection of plants and had quite a few hardy geraniums the last time I
was there.  Vintage Rose is a wonderful antique and gift shop with a lot of
gardening related items.  I don't have the number handy for Heards, but
Vintage Rose is located at 6424 Maple Avenue, Westminster, CA.  Their
telephone number is 714-373-4547 and they are open Tuesday through Saturday
from 10 am to 5 pm.

Sometimes the IGS might seem slow to respond because different tasks are
handled by different members and we all live in different areas.  The mail is
collected from the P.O. Box in Pasadena and then sorted out and forwarded to
the different members who will be handling that particular request.  And I
would guess that sometimes mail is held for awhile and sent in batches rather
than forwarding on each individual envelope, although I am not positive.

You should also be able to pick up some hardy geraniums at the geranium shows
and sales this spring, and they will be listed in the GATW that you will be
receiving.  (GATW is the Geraniums Around the World quarterly journal
published by the IGS)

Now, while hardy geraniums are undoubtedly beautiful, are you absolutely sure
you wouldn't like to talk about angels for awhile?  Scented foliage, big
flowers, really wonderful little plants -- and much more creative names!  Ever
heard of a hardy named "Baby Snooks" or "Captain Starlight"?  I didn't think
so!  And, my dog much prefers to eat my angels than my hardy geraniums, so
they obviously taste better.  Although, come to think of it, the dog has also
eaten sandbags.  Sorry, I just had to try to convert you!

Cindi Lohry
San Diego, CA

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