Re: [IGS] Belated Welcome

Cindi, I think, mentioned this:

heard of a hardy named "Baby Snooks" or "Captain Starlight"?  I didn't think
so!  And, my dog much prefers to eat my angels than my hardy g.....

I had 'Baby Snooks' last year... It's gone. I guess I need to know more about
"hardy" geraniums. Here in Western New York State, hardy means, able to
winter over outside. I'd not think 'Baby Snooks' would be hardy here.

However, the inability to winter over, even among the "non-hardy", read
pelargoniums, is not unusual if they've been grown outside, in pots, on
the deck for the summer. Many are ONLY houseplants or ONLY outdoor plants,
but not both.

Anyone have any ideas about this?

That 'Baby Snooks' is hardy suggests to me that this is a "tender perennial"
here in this 5b/6a zone. Right? If so, how would I winter it over??


Second question ----> last year, at a Flower Show, I saw a pelargonium with
a leaf that was cream on the edges, with a bronze/burgundy overlay. It had
great substance, and was about 8 to 12 inches high, with, I think, an
orange bloom.

Anyone have any idea which this might be, or who can suggest something
similar? It looked similar to 'Henry Cox' that is pictured in one of my
books. However, when I asked Greenwood Gardens(?) about it, (NAME??) suggested
that 'Henry Cox' is an old plant, and probably something else would be easier
to grow.

It's flower show time again, and if I find this plant again, I'm going to
reach over and grab a piece no matter what the consequences!! The plants were
not labeled thoroughly at this show and I complained to whomever I could
about this problem. We'll see if they do better this year.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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