[IGS] Review of IGS Robin for GATW

Hi Cindi,

It's good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder about our
California delegation since we haven't heard from you and Robin for a
I will see what I can do about a review for your newsletter. Is there
any kind of format that you like to have it in? That was one thing
that I was wanting to ask Cy. If there was a predetermined format
that it should be in (double spaced , column, Word processer format
etc. ) .
You sure do drive a hard sell for angels. :-) I will have to say that
the Dog point was a little far fetched though since he does seem to
eat anything <G>. Maybe he does have a preference though. You'll have
to test him. Put a sandbag, an Angel, and a hardy Geranium in front
of him and see which one he goes for first <chuckle>.

Last count: since the  beginning of October, We have had 40 people
actually posting messages on the IGS Robin. That includes 1 from
Australia, 3 from Sweden, 2 from Italy, 1 from the British Columbia,
and 1 from the United Kingdom. I wonder how many there are that don't
post messages. I know of at least one that I got a private message
from requesting a copy of the Sunset article. I also wonder what
happened to some of the first ones that signed on like Marisa Amadio
in Italy that provided some nice pictures for the web page and some
good info about Erodiums and True Greraniums. Are you still out there
Well I need to get some other things done today so will sign off for
Hope all is well with you.


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