[IGS] Intro and a question or two.

Hello all on the robin. My name is Collin Rhoades and I am presently
persuing a degree in botany from Texas Tech University. I must admit up
front that my interest are not in geraniums but in natures most unusual
creation the Caudex. In my attempt to get a little of everything I have
decided to acquire a few of the geraniums with caudex. I have no experience
with geraniums and am looking forward to learning from the list.

Now for the question I am wondering if anyone on the list could recommend a
source for mail order seeds or cuttings of geraniums as I prefer to due
most of the growing on my plants. I was also wondering if anyone could
reccomend some caudexed plants that do well in the home or in the back yard
during the summer.

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