[IGS] Pelargonium Species ID?

I have a plant labled as Pelargaonium crithmifolium that has just
started to bloom.  The stigmas are much longer than the stamens, and
somewhat recurved.  The stamens are about 1/2 the length of the stigmas.
The anthers are very small and appear to be non-functional.  The person
I got it from told me he has never been able to get it to set seed.
Does this sound like a normal flower for this species?

A plant labled as P. dasyphyllum also is starting to bloom. Its stamens
are about as long as the stigmas and bare well developed,
purplish-red-brown anthers.  The flower size and coloration is very
similar to the plant mentioned in the first paragraph with the exception
that the calex lobes have a reddish color.

Anyone have input on these plants?

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