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Hi Carolyn,
I enjoy your comments and I remember more active days awhile back. I
can certainly understand sitting back and reading. I am that way with
some other groups, and I feel I learn alot that way.

I wasn't thinking of you  when I wrote of hearing privately from
someone who hasn't posted as of yet. I just made that comment because
I was speculating that there are probably as many  that are reading
and learning as we have heard from already.

>So, keep it up, Dale! You are stimulating!
Thank you for the compliment. I find much of the exchange here
fascinating myself.

>In the meantime, I'll just sit in my rocking chair and watch the
world go
>by and let you young folks talk awhile!!
Young folks..... ahhhhh.... there must be some here :-)  . I'm young
in the field of geraniums anyway and find that other experienced
growers (like you) as stimulating as anything that I can write.
Enjoy sitting back and reading and we will enjoy hearing from you
whenever you feel like posting a comment or question.


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