Re: [IGS] Geranium Pictures

Alexander Perez wrote:

>I also wrote to Cy Baucke who is Corresponding Secretary for IGS
>regarding my membership sometime ago and also never received a
>That makes me go HMMMMMmmmmmm.  Maybe he is on a extended vacation
>no laptop.

Hi Alexander,
I have wondered about that myself. I also know that it is easy for me
to get overwhelmed as responsibilities add up and wondered if that
isn't the case here. Well we will make do the best we can. We have
wonderful people in this organization that are giving of their time
and energy that we can all benefit from the collective knowledge bank
so I am not trying to say he is shirking his duty in anyway. It will
be nice as more of the board members are able to get online I think
as it will probably be easier for everyone to communicate faster.
After participating on this Electronic round robin, I find it hard to
imagine what it must have be like when the round robin idea was
exclusively a snail mail operation.


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