[IGS] Intro and a question or two.

Hi Collin,
Welcome to the IGSROBIN, You mentioned that you were looking forward
to learning from the list but i guess we will have to learn something
from you first.
What do you mean by  "natures most unusual creation, the Caudex". I
think you must be referring to something different from what I am
familiar with since I am like Carolyn in thinking that the caudex is
the truck or stem of a perennial . Doesn't sound too unusual to me so
there must be some other use of the terminology that you could share
with us.
The IGS has a seed bank for its members at 75 cents a packet with a
small handling fee which is very reasonable. Thompson and Morgan
seeds has a fairly good selection of seeds also. I think the British
Geranium Society has seed available also but I haven't joined yet so
I don't know for sure how that works.
A wide variety of Pelargoniums can be ordered from Deerwood Geraniums.
 They have a listings of around 1200 plants in their catalog. If your
interested in the address let me know. The catalog is $3 but well
worth it.
Don't know if this helps or not. Please help us to understand the
Caudex issue.
Dale Neil
Zone 5 , IL.

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