[IGS] Another Newbie!

Hello to all of the list members. This is my first post to this list,
after signing on about a week ago. I live in the zonally challenged
state of Wisconsin, where today's weather (a big fat snow storm), is
reminding us all that winter is not finished with us yet! I am
interested in both hardy geraniums, and pelargoniums; the fancy leave
type being my favorite. I am looking for mailorder sources for these,
especially the tri-color types. I am totally jealous of the Austrailians
on this one, as it sounds like they have new varieties popping up on
every corner. I am hoping to learn from those of you on this list, and
also hoping that I can add something of value from time to time. I have
already "talked" with Dale privately, ( I think I am the one he was
refering to in recent posts), and hope to talk with more of you soon.
As for the caudex pelargoniums, I have seen them listed and discussed on
succulent sites. Mesa gardens, I believe, sells some seeds or plants.
Their URL is: http://www.netlink.co.uk/users/mace/mesa/mesagard.html,
for those interested in checking them out. Paula
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