[IGS] Missing 'Latin branch' :-)

Hi Dale,

>I also wonder what
>happened to some of the first ones that signed on like Marisa Amadio
>in Italy that provided some nice pictures for the web page and some
>good info about Erodiums and True Greraniums. Are you still out there

Thanks so much for your recall!
I have always been here, and I enjoyed reading most of discussions on
IGSROBIN, mainly those on true Geraniums, but I have been very inadequate as
'Latin branch', I must admit :-)
Carolyn is right, sometimes life and job interfere...
Maybe I could make up for my long silence, suggesting a French URL on
You probably already know about it, though  it was not listed among the
links I read at the end of a message of yours last week. The erodiums
pictures on this page are stunning and you really can't miss them!

Thanks again Dale,


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