[IGS] Caudiciform vr. Pachycaul

An additional note.  Rowley also uses the term pachycaul.  This refers
to plants with enlarged stems, trunks and/or branches. These plants
often do not have a base which is larger in diameter than the stem and
the stem is perennial.  Many of the Pelargonium species are pachycaul.
P. crithmifolium, P. cortusifolium, and P. dasyphyllum are good
examples.  A classic, non-geranium example is the baobab tree from South

Most plants that are strictly caudiciform have a swollen base that may
be above ground, below ground or both.  They also tend to have annual
shoots that grow from the caudex during the rainy season and die back
during the dry seson. As I mentioned before, plants don't respect human
attempts to classify them and you will find that there are many
variations on these basic themes.  You will find many exellent images on
Peters web page.

Phil Bunch
San Diego Area (Zone 23)

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