[IGS] Sunset article

Hi Diane,
Received your snail mail today, thank you very much.  It only took 10 days,
which isnít bad.  We get mail from S. Africa & Zimbabwe,  which takes 10 -
14 days.  U.K.  is only 4 - 6 days.
 We are most impressed with the quality of the print outs ... super.
Would you let me know what sort of a printer you have.
We have had RAIN today,  first since a brief shower in November.  This is
the 3 driest summer on record.
I have  a huge map of USA,  about 3ft square,  but canít find you on it.
 Itís a pretty old thing,  Nat. Geographic 1956!!     About time I got a
new one.
We are in the throes of getting on the Net at home,  but are having a few
starting- up problems.  Even when we get it sorted out,  Iíll still have to
learn how to use it.  anyway my address will  be:-
<shakaskraal@one.net.com.au>  I will stay on Peters  address at Uni.  for
igsrobin until I am sure I understand what Iím doing .  Thanks again for
the Sunset article.   In a bit  of a rush.
   regards       Joan Steele

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