Re: [IGS] Missing 'Latin branch' :-)

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Well it is good to hear from our "Latin Branch" again :-) Now we will be
sure we spell ' Guiseppi' correctly ;-) . I was wondering if you might
have unsubscribed but I can understand that you might have other things
going on in your life. Most of us do. It is good to hear from you every
once in a while though , Marissa.

I checked out the website you mentioned and WOW! The pictures are some
of the nices Erodium pictures that I have seen. The other major Erodium
site has pictures of the foliage but without the blossoms, I really felt
like I was missing something .  Now if I can get my daughter over here
to translate the French maybe I can understand what they have to say
about this fascinating little plant.  Thanks for sharing that site with
us. You have redeemed yourself for not writing so much :-) .

Thanks for checking in and sharing with us. Hope all is going well.

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> Date: Monday, 09-Mar-98 07:48 AM
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> Subject: [IGS] Missing 'Latin branch' :-)
> Hi Dale,
> >I also wonder what
> >happened to some of the first ones that signed on like Marisa Amadio
> >in Italy that provided some nice pictures for the web page and some
> >good info about Erodiums and True Greraniums. Are you still out there
> >Marisa???
> Thanks so much for your recall!
> I have always been here, and I enjoyed reading most of discussions on
> IGSROBIN, mainly those on true Geraniums, but I have been very
inadequate as
> 'Latin branch', I must admit :-)
> Carolyn is right, sometimes life and job interfere...
> Maybe I could make up for my long silence, suggesting a French URL on
> Erodiums
> You probably already know about it, though  it was not listed among
> links I read at the end of a message of yours last week. The erodiums
> pictures on this page are stunning and you really can't miss them!
> Thanks again Dale,
> Marisa

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