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Hi Cy,
Thank you for writing. I don't know why we weren't able to make contact
before (early to mid January) . I had sent a couple of messages to your
compuserve address that was in the header of your messages to the Robin
then I tried the link on the IGS website . I never got any bounce back
to my mailbox at that time so I don't know what happened to the messages
I will try to get something together for a future article in the GATW.
Thank you for the compliment about the greeter job. It does keep me on
my toes sometimes :-) . I know Diana has been really helpful in getting
the list going as well as the website and it is certainly appreciated. I
don't know how she manages to get everything done the way she does.
She's definitely a talented person.
I guess while I have you here, I would like to ask if IGS could have an
FTP site connected to the Web page where we could file photo files and
various items like archives of the Robin threads , maybe an FAQ text as
well as old articles that may no longer be available (I recently found a
very good article on Dwarfs and miniatures in an old issue of House
Plants and Porch Gardens. The Magazine is no longer being published and
hasn't been since 1981 I think.) . It seems that an FTP site  would be

Thanks again for the response.

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> Date: Monday, 09-Mar-98 11:42 PM
> From: Cyril G. Baucke Jr.      \ CompuServe:  (cyrilsplace)
> To:   Dale Neil                \ PRODIGY:     (JJCA95A)
> Subject: IGS GATW
> Dale,
> I have been told you have tried to reach me, and  have not been
sucessful. I do
> not know of any messages from you addressed to me. I apologize if I
have missed
> or overlooked anything from you.
> I will address the questions you asked of Cindy Lohry about writing
> "Geraniums Around the World". The  IGS Publication Committee does not
have a
> set format for articles for the magazine. Material will be accepted
> on notebook paper, or any other legible way. It seems to be always
> if enough material is available to fill the pages. This has probably
been like
> this since the IGS started publishing it's journal in 1952.
> I have written a short summary of the IGS Robin topics and
communications for
> the Spring GATW, which is being put together at this time. If you
would like to
> do this in the future, I would be glad to let you do so.
> I have been reading the material on the IGS Robin since it started. I
> pleased with what you have done as "greeter" for the Robin. Diana
deserves a
> lot of credit for getting the IGS web site and the IGS Robin started.
You have
> done a commendable job of keeping the Robin going.
> Cy Baucke

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