[IGS] OZ General News

Hi Dale
.  Thanks for your list of websites from geraniums.  Iíll get on to that
when we get the net sorted out.  I think there was a problem with our
computer.    I have a very busy week coming up,  so wonít get time to give
it the time Iíd like to.  You might have picked up my new address
<shakaskraal@one.net.com.au> for the future,  but I wont change over for
IGSrobin  just yet, I want to be sure that I can work the thing .
Yesterday Pete tried to email me and it didnít get through .... must get it
Thanks for all your efforts to get more stuff available to members,   where
would we be without you.
Interesting to know that there are 62 of us on the robin,  where are you
all.  Good to hear from Carolyn in Buffalo again.  Iíll have to stir up
some Aussies to get them on the robin,  trouble is we are way behind you
over there at getting computers, let alone the net.  I do know someone in
New South Wales who helps her family  run a computer shop and also is a
very good geranium grower,   (Joanne Wicht)  must get on to her.

Had our Ger.Soc. AGM yesterday and most of the office bearers are new.  We
start our showettes at each meeting from next month.     There are three
categories, Novice,  Intermediate and Open.  That encourages the beginners
to enter.   Prizes are given for  best bloom and best plant in each
category. First prize in $10 which helps to pay for potting mix etc.   I
suppose this is done at most Societies.

It started to rain yesterday and hasnít stopped drizzling since.  It is
very welcome after 3Ĺ months with even a spit.  The poor old geranium
leaves are dusty after all that time.    Giving them a good wash is a bit
dangerous in the summer heat as it worsens the humidity and causes stem rot
Iím cranky now as earlier I wrote 2 letters for the web and omitted to save
them ... they suddenly disappeared  ...  lesson learned.
Does anyone one have an address for Deerwood.  I would like to send for a
catalogue.  Havenít a clue how much to allow for postage though.
      Joan S.
         W. Australia

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