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Hi Diane,
Forgot to answer your query on Apple Blossom Rosebud.  Well I can’t really
tell you how to get large blooms on the plant.  I remember the first one  I
had didn’t do too well,  but now I get quite large blooms.
Maybe more Potash??
On the subject of ABR.  I have just received, from a friend, a Vernons
Nursery Catalogue fro 1998  (UK).  It is an A4 glossy format and every
plant advertised has a very nice colour photograph to go with it.  Anyway
inside the front cover there is a picture of     ‘Westdale Appleblossom’
(C.Clarke 1997).  Same flower, but leaves  are variegated cream and white.
next to that is a photo of  ‘Happy Appleblossom’   (F. Brawner 1997),
which has a similar flower  but the  leaves are variegated, lime green
butterfly markings on a  dark  green leaf.       Both are pretty
spectacular.     Strange that 2 people have been working on a similar project.
Unfortunately neither of these will be available in Aust.,  but you should
see Faye’s  around soon.
I am impressed with this catalogue, which is marked with a price of  £2.
Their address is:-
The Vernon geranium Nursery,    Cuddington Way,     Cheam,   Sutton,
Surrey  SM2 7JB  United Kingdom .   No email, but Fax is  0181 786 7437
    Don’t know what the postage would be.
For Cindy’s benefit there are 18 Angels listed, with pictures.     Also
lots of Zonals, Ivies Regals  and some Fuschias.  Only 4 ‘hardy’ Geraniums.
Must go
  Best wishes from
W. Australia

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