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Thanks for clarifying the caudex question. Looks like you have  some
answers here already. Hope to hear more comments from you.
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> Subject: Re: [IGS] Intro and a question or two.
> Maybe I should clarify it to caudiciform plants. Described by Gordon
Rowley as
> "plants that survive periodic drought by means of a swollen, perennial
, watery
> storage organ "caudex" from which arise slender, usually annual
> photosinthesizing organs." I am sorry I was not mores specific the
most common
> plant I can think of is the ponytail or Beaucarnea recurvata or maybe
> Pelargonium torrulosum or Pelargonium crassicaule. I find these plants
> interesting for the main reason that they come from so many places and
> "families" that you really have to learn about alot of different
plants but
> they all have the caudex that makes people stare at them.

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