[IGS] Sunset article,

Joan,  I just went to a place that has a color copy machine as I had
several to copy.  It was faster!!  My  printer does an excellent job,
just a good as the copy machine.  In fact, my daughter-in-love  says the
copy's printed out of the printer looked better than the original!  I
have a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 694C.
So glad you are getting rain.  I know the devistation of drought, up
close and very personal.  A few years ago we had eight years of drought
and it was a hard, hard time.  Here the winds blow extremely hard before
a storm.  Bob and I would stand outside and just pray we could hear wind
on the mountain telling us a storm was arriving.
To find me---look at where Oregon, California and Nevada meet.  Go north
and a tiny bit west, 70 miles.  Your map should show a large lake called
Summer Lake.  I live on the south west corner.  It is a alkali
lake...only good is when it is full.  Keeps the temperature warmer and
the dust down.  It is not a fresh water lake.
I planted some geranium seeds on Sunday afternoon.  These are from
Thompson and Morgan......Geranium 1854 415416, Hor Salmon 1837 02716,
Orange Appeal 1294 01070, Geronimo 1825 05052, Hollywood Star 1699H
207263, and Picasso 1835 05055.  I bet all those number are stock
number.  Except the one that has no name...just geranium 1854.
Good luck in getting the 'net' at home.  I tried yournew addresstonite
and it bounced back.   Diane

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