[IGS] Intro to Pollinating please

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi All,
I have recently started to explore the world of hybridizing and have a
number of question formulating daily. Some I can figure out and others
continue to baffle me (I used to do some tropical fish breeding when I
was younger. there are a few basic similarities but with them, I didn't
have to transfer the genetic material from fish to fish. Just throw them
in together and they take care of the rest if they have the proper
conditions ) .  Maybe some of you can answer these questions for me.
Does anyone know of any successful cross pollination between the clump
forming scenteds ( 'Apple', P.  fragrans .. 'nutmeg' , and their
cultivars)  with larger varieties like 'Prince of Orange' , 'Attar of
Rose',  Etc.  I have been trying probably 2 dozen times now to cross
'Prince of Orange' With a 'nutmeg' plant with little to no seed
formation with that cross. My goal : An Orange Spice plant. I have
switched male and female roles between the plants and tried different
timing in the stigma development but still have no seed to show for it.
I have been successful in crossing the 'Prince of Orange' with 'Roger's
Delight' and using the 'Variegated Nutmeg'  to cross with 'Apple Mint'
so I know both plants are fertile. Any ideas ......?

I have some basic questions too. (you didn't think you would get off
that easy did you? <chuckle>)
How does the genetic material actually transfer from the pollen to the
ovary? If all the arms of the stigma have pollen on them, What carries
this pollen to the ovary? Does humidity play a role in Pelargonium
pollination like it would in corn (you can tell I live on the Iowa/
Illinois boarder can't you <G>?)? Can I assist that process in some way
other than just putting the pollen on the arms of the stigma?

Well enough for now. Maybe if I don't ask so many questions at once, I
can get more answers :-) .

Thanks for any help.


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