Re: [IGS] Intro to Pollinating please

> I have some basic questions too. (you didn't think you would get off
> that easy did you? <chuckle>)
> How does the genetic material actually transfer from the pollen to the
> ovary? If all the arms of the stigma have pollen on them, What carries
> this pollen to the ovary? Does humidity play a role in Pelargonium
> pollination like it would in corn (you can tell I live on the Iowa/
> Illinois boarder can't you <G>?)? Can I assist that process in some way
> other than just putting the pollen on the arms of the stigma?

Oh, goodie.  I know this.
There are tiny cilia (little hairs) on the inside of the tube that leads
to the ovary.  They move in an undulating fashion and carry the pollen
grain down the tube, which can sometimes be quite lengthy, to the ovary.
It's one of the greater marvels of plant biology, don't you think?
(I recently asked a science teacher how they can REALLY teach in
evolution.  Evolution, my eye.  There are too many pieces to this game!)
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