[IGS] Message lengths


I've been notified through a co-list owner that St. Johns is running out of
space for archiving mail lists.  Here is a quote from her message:

"St Johns is undergoing some upgrades to the system and it has been down for
short periods.  Also there will be a period of time that the mail is a bit
unsettled as things are worked out.  ...

This is important!!!!!!  We have archives on St Johns hard disk.  We have
been informed that at the rate the lists are going St Johns has about 2
months left on the hard disk.  The most useful thing will be to carefully
edit the messages that we are replying to.  Leaving just a few lines is
usually enough to let everyone know what we are replying to."

Since these mail lists are archived at Mallorn.com, is there a serious
reason why we even need to take up archive space?  I don't know about you,
but I save any message I think important for future reference.  Also, I
place more value on having the email list than having stored messages on a
server somewhere.  What do you think?

Let me know privately at gardenofeden@mci2000.com rather than taking up list
space saying yes or no!  This will limit our space at STJOHNS.

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