Re: [IGS] Intro to Pollinating please

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Diane,
Thanks for you comments about pollination.So the stigma has cilia that
moves the polin down. Hmmmmm.... do you know of any way that I could
assist the process. I know that around where I live, they always say
that the hight humidity in the summer (which the midwest is famous for)
helps the corn to pollinate for a good crop. I was wondering if that
might apply in anyway to geraniums. I know that many of them grow in
semi-arid conditions so I am guessing that humidity isn't a big factor
but I don't know for sure.

> greater marvels of plant biology, don't you think? (I recently asked a
> teacher how they can REALLY teach in evolution.  Evolution, my eye.
There are
> too many pieces to this game!)
> --
I happen to agree that the complexities and orderliness of life as we
know it does seem to show a controlled type of development to say the
least. I also know that those who do believe in evolution become amazed
by the idea that chance can produce such things over eons. <sigh> I
asked my brother once as to where the first  bolt of lighting came from
that formed the first amino acids and he asked me where God came from. I
guess we both had a valid question in that.  At some point we all have
to take a leap in faith .


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