[IGS] A digression; was: Intro to Pollinating please

> greater marvels of plant biology, don't you think? (I recently asked a
> teacher how they can REALLY teach in evolution.  Evolution, my eye.
There are
> too many pieces to this game!)

Having slept on this one for 24 hours, I've decided not to let it pass without
comment.  What makes you competent to judge how many "pieces" (what would that
be: organs? organelles? cells? chromosomes?) is "too many" to have been produced
by evolution?  According to models accepted by those who really think about such
things, there is ample time -- 1.4 billion years since the first eukaryotic cell
-- for evolution to have produced the complexity we see in the living world.  I
agree with Dale, below, that the variety, complexity, and subtlety of plants and
animals is amazing.  That's not an issue.  However, it is a big jump from being
amazed to concluding that it couldn't have happened by evolution alone, and
still a further jump to conclude (if that's the hidden assumption of the post
above) that the assisting force/being is the God of the Judaeo-Christian

If the "science teacher" mentioned above is trully a science teacher, then
he/she will know that your shortage of imagination is no reason to alter the

Anyone who wishes to continue this discussion with me is invited to do so
off-list; we should not waste the bandwidth of people who are here to learn
about growing geraniums and pelargoniums.

Barry Roth

> --
I happen to agree that the complexities and orderliness of life as we
know it does seem to show a controlled type of development to say the
least. I also know that those who do believe in evolution become amazed
by the idea that chance can produce such things over eons. <sigh> I
asked my brother once as to where the first  bolt of lighting came from
that formed the first amino acids and he asked me where God came from. I
guess we both had a valid question in that.  At some point we all have
to take a leap in faith .

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