[IGS] Geranium/evolution/class m planets<G>

Hi Collin

>I thought by now that we all new via Star Trek that the planet earth
>all other m class planets were seeded by ancient races of
>beings. Sorry I could not resist. hehe.

Ahhh... you saw those episodes also? I remember one where they
actually find the "Adam and Eve" of a new world and it ended with
Kirk say "To be there when it all starts over again esp to see when
'he' walked the Earth "  as Spock looked on somewhat confused trying
to fimd logic in it all :-) .
As far as the ancient races of extraterestrial beings.........
Captain/ Dr McCoy/Spock .... where did they come from? <chuckle>
Opps I think we are getting off topic here . Couldn't resist doing
that  myself :-) .

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