Re: [IGS] Intro to Pollinating please

DALE NEIL wrote:
> -- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> Hi Diane,
> Thanks for you comments about pollination.So the stigma has cilia that
> moves the polin down. Hmmmmm.... do you know of any way that I could
> assist the process. I know that around where I live, they always say
> that the hight humidity in the summer (which the midwest is famous for)
> helps the corn to pollinate for a good crop. I was wondering if that
> might apply in anyway to geraniums. I know that many of them grow in
> semi-arid conditions so I am guessing that humidity isn't a big factor
> but I don't know for sure.

Sorry, Dale.  I must have been daydreaming during that section of
lectures.  Or maybe I was at home weeding (and daydreaming).
But I distinctly recall that this cilia discussion arose pertaining to
the pollination of corn.  Most people don't realize that each silk is
attached to a kernal, and the kernal is the ovary.  One pollen grain
must travel the length of the silk to pollinate the kernal.  Then the
kernal becomes 'pregnant', in that it ripens to the point that we eat it
as 'ovaries on the cob'. (Corn kinda loses its appeal in this light,
doesn't it?)
heh heh heh....'would you like butter on your ovaries, dear?'

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