Re: [IGS] Joan's photo's

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Diane,

> Subject: [IGS] Joan's photo's
> Thanks Dale for forwarding Joan's photographs of her beautiful >posies
. I think(maybe) my favorite is Joan's Choice.  Someday I hope >to have
>some as beautiful.   Diane in Oregon

I'm glad to hear you got those pictures. Questions: What are the file
names of the ones you received? Some others that i sent were sent back
to me as some sort of error occured. I was unable to tell which ones
they were. I have a few more now (Joan has been doing a good job at
playing with her new flatbed scanner<G>) and will be glad to send those
and the ones that were sent back to you. I think that I tried to send
too many at one time and that made them bounce back to me.
Joan's Choice is one of my favorites also. There is one called Little
Primula that i like alot also.


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