Re: [IGS] Higher humidity??

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

> Have you ever considered that it's not higher humidity, but rather the
> little plants shivering?
> Cindi

Well Cindi,
Maybe that is for the best. Now if I get some seeds, I will know that
they are the ones best suited for my zone <G>. you might have a point
there though seeing how they are in a unheated finished attic. I did get
my first seeds from the cross between Prince of Orange and Roger's
Delight today... 2 of them. Now if I can get 100% germination maybe I
will have 2 plants to observe. I was surprised to see the tails (I can't
remember what the official name for those are)of the seed coat was
spring like. I had read awhile back that that was a characteristic of
heronsbill seeds, and that it would straighten out when it became moist
to drive the seed into the soil and recoil when it was dry to keep the
seed from germinating when the conditions weren't right. I had not seen
this in Pelargoniums before. Most of them that I have seen had straight
fuzzy tails on the seeds. Have you ever seen the curled version on
Pelargonium seeds?


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