[IGS] artificial lights

Collin, like Dean, I grow many scenteds a zonal Pelargoniums under
lights during the winter months. They seem to do well under plain
cool white bulbs. I have a few under "grow lights" and it seems to me
that those lights are almost too much for some of my zonals as they
experienced leaf burn when they were first put under the lights but
then adjusted after awhile.
I am not aware that Pelagonium seed even need light to to germinate
as I have germinated some in a low light level but warm place. When
the seeds started germinating then I put them under stronger light. I
have discovered with hardy geraniums though that if they have too
much light when they first germinate, they will just sit there and
not develop much. I discovered this after I accidentally recovered
the "lazy" seedlings and saw the next day they were all of the sudden
growing more so I put them father away from the lights and it seemed
to help . This experiment i s still in a premature stage and I can't
say the it will be the case accross the board.
I have plenty of blooms also. I keep most of my lights on 24 hours a

Hope this helps,

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