Re: [IGS] Ferndale?

Cindi --

I'm on the other side of the state!  Ferndale is immediately north of Detroit.
I hesitate to use the word "suburb" because Ferndale began as a stagecoach
stop long ago when Detroit was still fifteen miles away.  There actually was
once a dale overgrown with ferns -- like, in 1830 -- but now it's just a dip
in the road, the stream now running through a culvert thirty feet below the

I like to think that the "spirit" of that original dale still lingers on,
because the city is covered with immense old oaks and sycamores which make
wonderful gardening for geraniums, ferns, and all sorts of other shade plants.
People who want to grow corn and tomatoes don't always feel so lucky! ;-)

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI
Zone 6B

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