Re: [IGS] Shade Gardening

Hi Dean,
Just thought I would say welcome to the list. We can use all us
Northern Midwesterners we can get to let those warm weather people
know it is possible to grow plants in other areas of the United
States <G>. We just don't have to chop down our scented geraniums
with an axe when they get to big :-) .

>Area of specialty?  Hmm, let's see...  trying to buy as many species
as I can
>get my hands on while still being able to pay the bills and satisfy
all my
>other hobbies.  Trying to squeeze them into the small side lot that
>currently working with (hope to be moving later this year).  Trying
to keep
>them "happy."  Trying to keep the neighborhood children from
trampling them.
>You know, the usual stuff!

Sounds normal to me :-) .  All except for the chicken. substitute
"neighbor's cats" for "chicken" and I can relate.
Right now I am trying to decide if I want any lawn at all and turn
the whole place into garden. Have to decide if I can do that without
it looking too overdone.... Oh well , so what if it will look that
way. That's why we have soil instead of cement, Right?

Hope you enjoy the Newslist. Thanks for signing up.

Dale Neil
Zone 5 Illinois

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