Re: [IGS] agree

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

HI John,

> I'm a former resident of Savanna and Freeport, Ill., now living in
Marion, Iowa
> (next to Cedar Rapids) in east-central Iowa. I'm on the zone 4-5 line.

Well I have been a former resident of Iowa City and have worked in Cedar
Rapids area. I have lived in Illinois for most my life. i was born in
Springfield and went to school in Macomb, Illinois. I now live in Rock
island.... (Quad Cities)  where I have been for the last 10 years.

Welcome back to the list.  I remember writing to you last November and
then you disappeared for awhile <G> . Did you ever take the cuttings you
were asking about? Seems like you had a couple Red Rosebuds and some
variegateds. Have you added anything else as far as Pelargoniums go. I
have alot of scenteds, a few ivys, 3 angels, 3 or 4 nice zonals
including Appleblossom Rosebud, and a # of true Geraniums.

Have you figured out what Hardy Geraniums you want to get for your
rockery yet?  I have found some nice ones coming in at Lowes Garden
Center and even a few nice ones at a local HyVee Grocery store which was
surprising. Walmart seems to have quite a few and noticed they had some
come in from Shady Hills which is in Batavia, Ill.

Those Rabbits can cause problems. I don't have those myself but I have
problems with the Neighbor's cats and a group of industrious squirrels
who do their best to dig up anything I put out. (In fact, One of those
squirrels just ate through a major phone line knocking out 15 phone
numbers today including mine. glad that is fixed.)  I am learning a few
ways to block their activities by using chicken wire, hot pepper powder,
and letting my dog out to clear the yard every once in a while (then I
need to make sure the dog stays out of the growing spaces) What a

Hope you have survived the March snows so far. This has been a crazy
year for us weatherwise, hasn't it? Hopefully we will see spring soon. I
thought we were going to have it in February but that didn't seem to be
true now.


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