Re: [IGS] Shade Gardening

Dale Neil writes:

<< Sounds normal to me :-) .  All except for the chicken. substitute
 "neighbor's cats" for "chicken" and I can relate.
 Right now I am trying to decide if I want any lawn at all and turn
 the whole place into garden. Have to decide if I can do that without
 it looking too overdone.... Oh well , so what if it will look that
 way. That's why we have soil instead of cement, Right? >>

Um, Dale, "chicken?"

Oh, don't worry, I have problems with the neighborhood cats and dogs, too, as
well as the children.  The difference is that the children are not repelled by
Red Hot Pepper Wax, and I haven't yet found an effective child-repellant
that's also harmless to said pests!

One of the downsides of all the the giant old oaks is that we have a major
problem with fox squirrels in this neighborhood.  Just like the cats, the
squirrels are always digging -- and then the squirrels eat what they dig up.

As for grass, I'm a firm believer that the only point to lawns is to keep the
mud from splattering until you think of something useful to do with the space.

Thanks for the welcome!

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI
Zone 6B

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