Re: [IGS] Shade Gardening

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Dean,
I've been unable to access the internet for a few days so I am now
trying to catch up.

> Um, Dale, "chicken?"
Opppssss... my eyes don't seem to be focusing too well at times I guess
as I thought I read in your message about the neighbors chickens
trampling your garden. I see now you were talking about "children" . Duh
..... Ok I can relate to that. I view garter snakes as beneficial
animals in my garden while the neiborhood kids view them as pets and
things to throw at each other :-( . They like to lift some of my
landscaping timbers to find my little friends. I try to talk to them
about it and as long as they think I am around, they abide by my wishes
to leave them alone. Let them think that I am not looking and we have
trouble <sigh> .  Life in the garden can be frustrating at times .
Squirrels and cats too as you have said....(the cats go after the snakes
also as well as view my fresh bare soil as an outdoor litter box. .... I
 and my plants will prevail !!!! <G>) .

> As for grass, I'm a firm believer that the only point to lawns is to
keep the
> mud from splattering until you think of something useful to do with
the space.
Yessss..... let me add my appreciation for your deep insight :-) .


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