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Hi Diane,

> Okay, I succumbed to temptation and planted the two lone seeds I found
on my
> 'Black Vesuvius'.  The only seed produced in the two years I've had
the plant.
>  The only other pels around were 'Orion' and 'Goblin', both doubles,
so I have
> no idea who the other "parent" is.  The seedling is healthy and seems
to be a
> dwarf also.  So the big question - how long until it flowers?  It's
> growing about three months and is about two and one-half inches tall.

Wow... I'm glad to hear you got some germination there.  I am dabbleing
in crossings now myself.  As I harvest the 2 or 3 seeds that come out of
a particular cross, I hope I can get 100% germination with a more
sensible estimate being 25-50% . I'm always wondering if the 1 that
didn't germinate would have been the "prize" I have been looking for.

I think that your new plant should be ready to bloom soon. I believe the
general real of thumb for Pelargoniums (esp zonals) is 15 weeks. I have
found that blooming can be speed up by using a fertilizer with a high
phosporous % . I have also found that Kelp concentrate spurs on blooms
as well as healthy growth in general. Remember, patience is a virtue,
and with waiting for results with plant crossings, that is really a BIG
virtue :-) .

Keep us posted on your new discoveries. Hopefully, you will have a very
pleasant surprise. Good luck on future controlled crossings.

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> Subject: [IGS] pel seedling

> planted in a two inch pot, soiless mix with extra perlite, fertilized
> weekly".  (If it doesn't take years, like orchids, I'd like to try
> more "controlled" this year.)

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