[IGS] R:G.bohemicum (was shade gardening)

>BTW, are Geranium bohemicum (sp?) seeds winter-hardy?  Will I see
some"volunteer" seedlings, or do I have to start my own from the seeds I


Geranium bohemicum grows, though very scarce, also on Italian Alps (Alto
Adige, conifers woods), so seeds should be winter- hardy here. According to
'Flora d'Italia' by S. Pignatti, it is  an 'anthracophile' species as it
seems to require wild fires for germination.
Peter Yeo says that in the Cambridge Botanic Garden (UK) they lit small
bonfires at G. bohemicum site to help germination, which is sporadic
otherwise ( the book is ' Hardy Geraniums' by P.F.Yeo,TimberPress, 1985).

As for me, I have never been able to get germination until I received, from
the Hardy Plant Society, some seeds that looked like lightly 'smoked' on
their outer surface. I don't know how the donor smoked the seeds, but it
worked well. My plant did not produce seeds, and now, I am trying again with
seeds from the same source.


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