Re: [IGS] pel seedling

DALE NEIL wrote:
> -- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
>  As I harvest the 2 or 3 seeds that come out of
> a particular cross, I hope I can get 100% germination with a more
> sensible estimate being 25-50% . I'm always wondering if the 1 that
> didn't germinate would have been the "prize" I have been looking for.

This is so true, Dale.  The seed that didn't germinate or the seedling
the sneaky, slimy baby slug ate.:-(
> I think that your new plant should be ready to bloom soon. I believe the
> general real of thumb for Pelargoniums (esp zonals) is 15 weeks. I have
> found that blooming can be speed up by using a fertilizer with a high
> phosporous % . I have also found that Kelp concentrate spurs on blooms
> as well as healthy growth in general. Remember, patience is a virtue,
> and with waiting for results with plant crossings, that is really a BIG
> virtue :-) .

Thanks, Dale.  I will use the same Schultz-Instant I have for orchids.
It's 19-31-17 and see what happens.  I will also find kelp concentrate
this weekend.  Do you use the kelp as a foliar spray or as a drench?
Okay, repeat after Dale, patience is a virtue, partience is a virtue,....

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