Re: [IGS] R:G.bohemicum (was shade gardening)

Marisa Amadio wrote:
> >BTW, are Geranium bohemicum (sp?) seeds winter-hardy?  Will I see
> some"volunteer" seedlings, or do I have to start my own from the seeds I
> collected?
> Dean,

> As for me, I have never been able to get germination until I received, from
> the Hardy Plant Society, some seeds that looked like lightly 'smoked' on
> their outer surface. I don't know how the donor smoked the seeds, but it
> worked well. My plant did not produce seeds, and now, I am trying again with
> seeds from the same source.
> Marisa

Dean and Marisa,
This is an interesting thread.  In my Snohomish, WA zone 7 garden, G.
bohemicum seedlings come up shortly after seed fall and usually winter
over.  I've collected some seed for "insurance" but I'm wondering if
these will need to have a controlled burn in the area where they have
been planted in order to get germination.

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