[IGS] Integrated Pest Management


Thought I'd let you know that I have started another email
list about Integrated Pest Management for the home gardener.
As a result of my pest and problems of ornamental plants
class, I am growing much more award of the damage chemicals
are doing to our environment.  As soon as I have some time,
I'll be creating a webpage on this subject using the
knowledge gained in class (have to get through Thursday's
midterm first).

If you would like to join this group, please go to:
http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/2822/index.html  Scan
down the list for IPM and click on the join button.  Just
follow the directions after you get to the onelist website.
Wish we didn't have to put up with their ad at the top of
each email, but that's the cost of a "free" list!  The
conversation is really light right now but I am hoping the
more that join, the more people will start discussions.  Be
sure to just jump in and ask any questions.  We'll pool our
combined knowledge.

Diana Pederson
SUITE101 Editor:
Home page:

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