Re: [IGS] use or wait?

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi John,

> I had intended to make cuttings from these, but they're very thin and
> light-colored. Would it be worthwhile to try to raise some new plants
> cuttings or just cut the existing plants back and not take cuttings
until next
> autumn or the following spring.

Ouch, That is too bad about your plants not geting the light. I guess it
is good that they are still living and growing at all.

I would cut them back aways myself. And I have a terrible time throwing
away any good size tips that I have pruned off. I am surprised how many
of them will root and become healthy plants. Since you will probably cut
them back anyway, Try to root those pieces you are cutting off. You will
probably be surprised at just how many plants you get out of it.


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