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Hi Joan,
Thanks for letting us know how things are going. It's good to hear from

> Dale ,  re Zonal seedlings flowering at 15 weeks   ... I wish.   I
still have
> some from last September that haven't produced anything, despite being
> bombarded with Potash.  Haven't come up with anything spectacular yet.
Lots of
> them just turn out to be single reds.
Wow, those are being stubborn. Maybe I was wrong about that rule of
thumb :-) .
I know it can be frustrating when those recessive genes keep taking over
. I guess that is the patience part......I guess the Mandel's laws don't
really apply to zonal crossings. Maybe that is why people are trying to
grab Patents  for their plants now days once they get somthing

I was reading about seeds that needed to be heated or burned or smoked
recently when I was looking at an Australian Plant website. I can't
remember the name of it but it had alot of interesting info there. I
hadn't realized before then that there were plants that had developed
that way to survive in areas where there are many fires. (Thanks to
Marisa for bringing this to our attention also). I guess it is the smoke
rather than the heat itself that breaks the dormancy, Is that right?

I saw the pictures at the IGS site yesterday and they seemed to have the
names now.

> they will show up on the  website soon. Going away for 4 days from
27th  ...
> another 'fly in'.
Sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy the time. Say Hi to Peter for me.


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